Christina Mifsud was born in San Francisco, California and is of Croatian (maternal) and Maltese (paternal) descent. She has resided and worked in Florence, Italy since 1995.

​Mifsud was fascinated with the Florentine Renaissance thanks to an introductory “Fine Arts” course required in her senior year of high school (Notre Dame High School, Salinas, CA). It was also during that time that PBS aired a documentary about Florence hosted by Bill Moyers who, along with professors, researchers and locals,​ walked the streets of Florence and made the Renaissance come to life. Moyers in the documentary proclaims, “To come to Florence today is to confront the presence of the past”​.

In search of the “presence of the past”, Mifsud declared Art History ​as her ​major at Santa Clara University​ and ​spent a semester at Loyola University of Chicago’s John Felice Rome Center. All the classes ​in Rome ​were on-site visiting museums, monuments and churches.​ ​The idea of working one day as a professor, docent or tour guide are clearly cited in her journals from that monumental semester. Today, Mifsud serves on the Foundation for the John Felice Rome Center.

​Upon completing the degree at SCU, Christina went on to work in France ​to learn French as a prerequisite for a higher degree in Art History. ​Living with a French/English family as a jeune fille au pair​, Mifsud​ ​passed two levels of French while ​traveling​ extensively during breaks to Spain, Switzerland, Poland and several times returning to Italy.

In 1994, Christina was accepted into Syracuse University’s ​Florence Graduate Program in Italian ​Renaissance Art History​. She began her​ Masters Program with only five other graduate students ​​stud​ying ​at the campus in ​Syracuse ​followed by a full year on-site studying in Florence​’s archives, libraries, museums and churches. ​While in Florence,​ ​​Mifsud ​studied under the professors from the Bill Moyers’ documentary​.

After defending ​her ​thesis, ​she ​was​ ​awarded a ​T​eaching ​A​ssistantship​ position at Syracuse’s campus in Florence. ​Quickly, she began her career as an adjunct lecturer for several US University study abroad programs in Florence working on all levels​ and ​eventually direct​ing a program. (Roger Williams University at Palazzo Rucellai).

In 2007, after 800 hours of coursework and three research papers, ​Mifsud​ passed the Italian board exams to become a ​Licensed ​T​our ​G​uide ​for​ Florence.

In h​er ​twenty years in ​Florence​, ​Christina ​ha​s ​welcomed thousands of students and tourists and looks forward to meeting you and sharing with you ​her wealth of experience and enthusiasm for the art and history of ​her fascinating adopted ​city.