City Walks


The best way to visit the wealth of museums, monuments and sacred places is to concentrate touring time to a maximum of four hours per day.

During the summer months, early mornings may work best as most visitors do feel tired out by the afternoon.

During the winter months, walking tours are best in the heart of the day (11:00am – 2:00 pm) and museums are excellent at anytime especially since there are no lines to enter the galleries.

An abbreviated list of city walks:

  • Florence​ Highlight Tour​: ​City Center Walking Tour ​& ​Visit to the Galleria dell’ ​Accademia (Michelangelo’s ​David​)​
  • ​Piazza del Duomo & Piazza Signoria: ​The Civic & Religious​ Centers of Florence​
  • Neighborhoods of the City: Santa Croce​
  • Neighborhoods of the City: Santa Maria Novella
  • Neighborhoods of the City: Oltr’arno​ (​the other side of the Arno​)
  • Artisans & their Craft: Visiting ​M​aster ​C​raftsmen ​Workshops​

Reservations and advance ticket bookings will be made to ensure priority entrance on all tours. Tickets and the reservation fee can be paid for the day of the tour at the museum will call.

As a reminder, these bookings are the only way to ensure priority entrance, however, in high season, there can be long waiting times even for priority reserved ticket holders.

Tour Guides do not have priority entrance, but in some cases can help enter with tour groups and private clients before unaccompanied tourists. Tour Guides are free lance professionals and do not work for the city of Florence nor the museums.