Hire a car and driver to whisk you into the Tuscan countryside visiting wineries in Chianti, enjoying lunch in a farmhouse and admiring the breath-taking vistas. Excursions can be arranged to Pisa, Lucca, Siena, San Gimignano, Cortona, Montepulciano, Volterra and the Cinqueterre to name a few. Car and drivers can also make arrival and departure from any airport or train station easy and worry-free.

Stay in the equivalent of a hotel suite but live like a local. Best suited for travelers who are looking to stay for more than three nights and are interested in shopping, cooking and enjoying a bottle of wine or two without dining out every night. Upon arrival a friendly face will greet you and give you the keys to your own place in the center of the city. The time is now, the place is ….your apartment in Florence.


Florence is the capital of the Region of Tuscany. The rolling hills, vineyards and olive groves are the backyards for the old Tuscan families whose country villas still produce wine and oil. Near Florence, visitors may choose to stay in one of these refurbished villas or even a farmhouse with all the modern comforts yet immersed in the farmland of Tuscany. Family-run villas may also offer cooking classes and other cultural visits in the area.


Book your accommodations and want to be sure the structure is well-located? Need ideas for a great family​-​​​run pensione in the center?​ ​Today the internet can be overwhelming with so many options at your fingertips, but contacting a local may just be the help you need.


Are you a younger traveler or traveling alone? Looking for a place to really call home and enjoy two meals a day? Perhaps a homestay in the heart of Florence can be the best solution. Here a house-mother will assist you with living in Florence while making sure you are safe, sound and well-fed. You will be able to practice your Italian while learning about family life in the city.

Cooking Classes

Want to learn ​how to cook ​a few local dishes ​while ​preparing a full dinner ​or lunch ​for your entire group​? Take a ​break ​from touring to learn from a local how to ​create​ ​an authentic Italian ​meal from the freshest ​vegetables, fruits and herbs ​picked that morning​.​ Enjoy the fruits of your labor in a Tuscan dining room with fine cutlery, delicate glassware and antique place-settings. No trip to Italy is complete without experiencing the cuisine first-hand.


Dine at hole-in-the wall local haunts, taste local traditional dishes served with modern twists or reserve a table for two for an intimate lunch overlooking olive groves and vineyards. Florence’s cuisine will please everyone from the vegetarian with homemade vegetable and bread soups to the meat-lover and the ​local ​Bistecca Fiorentina. Make reservations at recommended eateries and enjoy ​experiencing Florentine cuisine like a local.

Travel Agent

If you are looking for a full service in-coming tour agent based in Florence, Christina collaborates directly with Tuscany Highlights. This agency offers complete travel assistance from booking hotel reservations, coordinating transfer services and designing local excursions. Christina consults with the staff of this agency and helps hand-pick the wineries, tour guides and places of interest for each of their itineraries.