Custom Itineraries

art tours

Many visitors may be returning guests to Florence and prefer to design their day and the monuments and collections yet to explore.

Every tour request is answered personally taking into consideration the group dynamic, the time of year, day of the week and the objectives outlined by each client.

Some custom tours created by request:

  • Private Collection: The Contini Bonacossi Collection at the Uffizi
  • Vasari Corridor: The Walkway of the Princes
  • Last Suppers: Walking tour of the refectories in Florence
  • Palazzo Vecchio: Hidden Passageways
  • Curiosity Tour: Florence’s Legends in the back streets of the City
  • Eat & Walk: Walking tours while enjoying Street Food

Reservations and advance ticket bookings will be made to ensure priority entrance on all tours. Tickets and the reservation fee can be paid for the day of the tour at the museum will call.

As a reminder, these bookings are the only way to ensure priority entrance, however, in high season, there can be long waiting times even for priority reserved ticket holders.

Tour Guides do not have priority entrance, but in some cases can help enter with tour groups and private clients before unaccompanied tourists. Tour Guides are free lance professionals and do not work for the city of Florence nor the museums.