Christina Mifsud

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"What a wonderful day! Luis and I are sitting in our hotel bed, drinking wine and talking about the paintings we saw with you today. Not only are you an outstanding teacher and guide, but you are lots of fun. We can't thank you enough."

Lu & Luis Leon, 2013

"Needless to say the Townsend family considers you brilliant. You've captured Maeve and Kate's imagination. They learned so much - as did I. Thank you! You have an extraordinary gift for teaching. I hope you always stay with it."

Kathleen Kennedy Townsend, 1999

"You show people the highest accomplishments of man, the most beautiful, most noble things man has achieved in history. You teach them how noble the human spirit is and what he is capable of. In so doing you enrich their lives, raise their standards, make them more aware of their humanity and what that means."

Tom Kelsch, 2012

"I had such a great time meeting you and getting to know your city. The food, the people, art, culture. I loved it all. It wouldn't have been the same experience if it weren't for you. I can't wait to come back and experience it all again."

Gina Galasso, 2009

"My words can't say thank you enough for your passion for art, history and life. You have made my trip a splendid experience that I will never forget."

Louise Yenovkian, 1999

"I cannot reiterate enough how exciting the whole study trip was. This trip has led to my plans for returning to Italy to study Art History as a minor to Architecture. I want you to know that your teaching has inspired me. This is a gift that money cannot buy and is rare to find in teaching these days."

Michelle Homola, 1997